About Me, Nick Tuftnell the counsellor!

About Me – Professional

I think it’s important that you have the chance to learn a little about me. I moved straight into private practice having completed my foundation degree at The City of Bristol College. Whilst I feel that my style of counselling suits a wide range of clients, I have a particular interest in working with social anxiety and addictions. 

Alongside my private work, I am fortunate to be able to volunteer for local charities. I value having this opportunity to work with people in counselling and mentoring roles. As a result, this invaluable support is widened to those that may not know it is available. Furthermore, the belief of the charities I have worked for is that they provide counselling to those unable to fund sessions privately.


About Me – Personal

My background and life experiences are highly varied.  I was born in Wellington, New Zealand. As such, my logo and business name were inspired by the Māori people. More presently I am a husband, father and step father. As such, I am well acquainted with the challenges of a busy family and also single-parenting.  Furthermore, I have a strong belief in the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. My journey to this point in life has been quite varied. This gives me experiences to deepen my empathic bond with clients. Therefore, I hope you will find our sessions supportive and safe.

If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact form, send an email or phone/text me. Alternatively, check out my profile on Counselling Directory. Finally, check out my blog to see my thoughts on recent topical news.