A quiver with many arrows - a metaphor for integrative counsellingIntegrative Counselling

You may see the term ‘integrative counselling’ when reading about many counsellors. I support this approach and would like to clarify what it means. In our sessions, we will have the opportunity to draw upon a wide range of skills and theories. Thus, it is an indication of a wide knowledge base and the skill to incorporate techniques appropriately. As sessions progress I may offer different techniques, depending on what I feel is in your best interests.

I aim to work integratively with my clients. Relating to my page about the relationship I build with you I will begin in the same way, listening carefully to your story. As we both feel comfortable, it may be that we start to work together in different, carefully chosen ways. A very important thing to mention about integrative counselling is that you will feel safe and in control. For example, we will not be changing quickly between techniques. In most cases I will invite you to consider a technique before we incorporate it in a session.


A Technical Bit: integrative not eclectic

I believe this is why you will feel supported, safe and in control. Whilst some counsellors support eclectic working, I believe it does not help the counselling relationship. Eclecticism feels surprising and chaotic. My aim is to help you find inner peace, value yourself and become content with the direction of your life. Integrative counselling can be considered as having different types of arrows. However, it is also the knowledge to know how to use each one at the right moment. This short YouYube video is a good example of integrative therapy in action.